UCLA Center for Digital Humanities Support

UCLA Center for Digital Humanities Support


Where is my DTA (Department Technology Analyst)?

You can see your DTA schedule and contact information here: 


If you cannot reach your DTA and need immidiate help, please call the CDH service desk at 310-206-1414

How do I access my email through my web browser?

To check your @humnet.ucla.edu email account click here: http://portal.office365.com

To check your @ucla.edu email account click here: https://g.ucla.edu

How do I setup my e-mail client on my computer?

Due to many different versions of operating systems and e-mail clients available, we have created a user-friendly chart to help you with your e-mail setup: 

Click here to see the e-mail setup chart

Is there a place on the server where I can store my files? 

Yes, CDH provides a Drop-Box like feature where you can store your files on CDH's server via DFS (Distributed File System). The current available space on the DFS is 500 Megabytes per-user. To setup DFS on your computer please click on the link below and find your operating system: 

Connect to the Distributed File System (DFS)

Can I store my files in the "cloud"?

Yes, UCLA offers Box as a cloud storage solution to all faculty, staff, and students. Storage space on Box is unlimited. Please see the Box Data Use Agreement for data use guidelines. To access Box:



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