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There are a couple things you can do every week or so to avoid most security hazards.

Scan for Viruses

UCLA provides Sophos Anti-Virus for free (www.bol.ucla.edu/software/sophos) and we install it on the computers we issue, so we’ll assume that’s what you’re using.

  1. Right-click the Sophos shield tray icon (bottom-right of your screen in Windows XP, top-right of your screen in Mac OS). A submenu will appear.
    Sophos tray icon in Windows XPSophos tray icon in Mac OS
  2. Select Open Sophos Anti-Virus. This will start a program that opens a new window.
  3. Click Scan Local Disks (Windows) or click the green arrow (Mac).

Get a second opinion with an additional scan (PC only)

Since no virus scanning software has a 100% success rate, it helps to increase your protection by running an additional scan from a different software manufacturer. This is not required routinely, but you may want to do it after removing an infection to double check your system is clean.

Instead of installing multiple virus scanning applications (which is not recommended), you can run an online scan, which does not require you to install a separate application, and can be run from almost any PC with a web browser and internet connection.

Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Run Trend Micro's Housecall, online malware detection/removal utility

If you detect an infection

Attempt to neutralize the infection using the software's removal or quarantine option, if available. Then, run another full system scan and/or run an additional scan (see above) to make sure the infection has been removed. If you have difficulty removing malware or would like assistance, contact your DTA or the Service Desk.

PC only (Windows XP). How to disable unneeded startup items, run Disk Cleanup, and run Disk Defragmenter.

Security holes in software are often discovered, so the software developer usually distributes fixes/patches/updates that address these issues. Virus and spyware scanning software may prompt you or may automatically update their definitions to detect more recent threats.

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