UCLA Center for Digital Humanities Support

UCLA Center for Digital Humanities Support

1) When can I use this service?

Whenever the technician feels that he or she can help you better and faster!  The technician must initiate the Remote Assistance session as the technician will give you the code that you need to enter on a certain website.  If at any time during a support call you feel that you would like the technician to assist you remotely or perform the tasks for you, please feel free to ask the technician to use Remote Assistance!

2) How much does it cost me?

Remote Assistance is now part of our services and will not cost you anything!  We are partnering with BruinOnline to provide this great service to our users.

3) After the Remote Assistance session is over, will the technician still be able to see or control my computer?

Absolutely not!  Once the session has ended (and you’ll know when the Remote Assistance prompt notifies you and the Remote Assistance window disappears), the technician has no way of re-establishing that Remote Assistance session without your expressed permission and clicking on a link to OK it.

4) Is there anything installed on my computer?

No!  During the session, a program runs temporarily to allow the session.  Once the session is over, all traces of the Remote Assistance program will self-delete and go away.  Your system is not changed in any way by the Remote Assistance program.

5) Must the technician take control of my computer?

No!  You are prompted with two choices: you can either give full control to the technician or only allow the technician to see your screen (no control given to the technician).

6) I am on dial-up.  Will Remote Assistance still be available for me and work properly?

Yes!  Remote Assistance is very efficient and works great for users on dial up connections.

7) I do not have an Internet connection or my computer does not turn on at all.  Can Remote Assistance assist me?

Unfortunately, Remote Assistance relies on a computer that can properly connect to the Internet.  In this case, the technician will troubleshoot on the phone only.

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About Remote Support:

By entering a session key, you will initiate a secure connection with one of our support technicians, enabling them to either view or take control of your computer.  In order to create this connection, you will download a small client (360KB) to your system that will communicate with our technician’s computer.  This connection will be encrypted via a 168-bit secured socket layer to ensure that no data transmitted between your system and our technician is intercepted, read or otherwise compromised.

You will retain full control of your system throughout the session.  If at any time during this session you wish to terminate the remote connection, you may right-click the “X” icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and select “Uninstall”.  This will terminate the session and completely remove the client from your system. At the conclusion of this session, the client will be completely removed from your system, and our technician will no longer be able to view or access your system.

Disclaimer – Back-up recommended:

While we will try our best to resolve your computer problems using this remote assistance service, CDH cannot guarantee that this service will resolve your problem or that the attempt to rectify technical issues will not cause additional problems requiring an on site visit or another support call with a CDH technician.  In no event shall CDH be held  liable for any types of damages whatsoever (including without limitation damages resulting from loss of use, loss of data, loss of profits or loss of business) arising out of or in connection with the use of or inability to use this application or service.  CDH recommends that you back up all data and files on the system before initiating a remote support session.

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