UCLA Center for Digital Humanities Support

UCLA Center for Digital Humanities Support

CDH uses the Joomla! Content Management System to create, manage, and update Humanities departmental websites. For issues with updating your website, formatting webpages, uploading images or pdf's etc. please contact the CDH Service Desk.

CDH update for websites we host: Important changes are happening this Summer 2015. If your site or application is hosted at CDH, read more by clicking here.


Humanities Department Website Service

The Center for Digital Humanities hosts and manages the Joomla! content management system (CMS) which departments can use to deploy and manage their websites.

CDH services

  • We will provide a selection of Joomla templates from which departments can build the look and feel of their sites.
  • We will help with logo and banner designs.
  • We will provide training on the use of Joomla.
  • We will provide a limited amount of custom coding for special website features.
  • We will act as liaison with third-party providers if departments require additional Joomla custom coding or individualized templates.

Department responsibilities

  • Departments must designate a staff or faculty member who will be the website coordinator and main point of contact for the CDH web team.
  • The coordinator will determine the department's wishes regarding the design of a site and convey final decisions to CDH.
  • The departmental website coordinator will ensure that the department site is in compliance with copyright regulations and UC policies.
  • The department must decide who will write and update content that appears on the website. This work can be distributed among different people through Joomla's workflow management.

Features provided on all websites on first release

  • Home Page, Graduate and Undergraduate program pages, News
  • Calendar
  • Search function
  • Events (upcoming events listed on home page)
  • Department contact information and directory
  • Faculty and graduate student personal web pages
  • Link to giving.ucla.edu for donations
  • Other features (eg. podcasts, blogs) will be available on request after the initial release of department sites


  • A website with all the basic features will be provided free to any department, center or program that wishes to have one.
Costs of purchasing extra commercial Joomla templates or modules that provide additional functionality vary with vendor and will be paid by the department.
Joomla Templates at JoomlaShack.com